Bright Future for Little Daylight

Bright Future for Little Daylight

Little Daylight is an electro dance band with an ear for remixes, a taste for intimate melodies, and a very big future. They’re currently out on the road for the Three for Clubs Tour, and Eric Zeiler, one third of the trio that is Little Daylight, took a moment from the frenetic tour life to tell us about life on the road, what artists he’s passionate about, and what’s in store for 2014. (Spoiler alert: their debut album drops!)

They’d made a bit of a name for themselves as Hype Machine staples, remixing popular songs by artists such as Edward Sharpe and Passion Pit, before branching out into creating sultry and dreamy dance songs of their own. When listening to tracks on their 2013 EP “Tunnel Vision,” they sound like the blurry space in which ones floats as they struggle to make sense of the time between dreams and reality…but if that space were structured for optimal dancing.

The Three of Clubs tour is in full swing, having kicked off just after SXSW, and features three up-and-coming bands—Flagship, Terraplane Sun, and Little Daylight—which are all at similar points in terms of their careers and fanbase. “The tour is split into three headliners, and we each headline the region we’re from, which is cool,” explained Zeiler, as each band can benefit from each other’s regional fan bases.

So, how’s life on the road? “It started off after SXSW, with was really fun, because we got to go to some cities that we’d never been to before.” Though, Zeiler’s favorite part was when they returned to Canada. “Canada was really cool. Toronto was special because the only time we played there it was as a big opening slot. And, it just felt like everyone connected to it and came back for us as headliners.”

Life’s come full circle for them recently in other ways, as SXSW has special meaning to them. “Last year at [SXSW] was our very first show ever.” It’s been quite the trajectory for them since, and they returned to SXSW older, wiser and with some serious live performing chops under their belts. “Last year, there were bands that would go balls to the walls partying at the beginning of the week, and were cancelling shows by Friday and Saturday. We had the mindset that this was important.” That dedicated attitude will take them far as 2014 is shaping up to be quite the year.

Zeiler was quick to acknowledge the team that’s helped make their whirlwind of a last year possible. “We think the team is so important. It’s the right match with the people behind the scenes, hustling for you.”

With such an ear for sweet sounds and remixes, we couldn’t resist asking for music recommendations. So, what’s on Zeiler’s playlist?

While he admits it’s not the cool thing to say, he’s “continually impressed by Vampire Weekend” and thinks they’ll be doing what they’re doing for a long time. Great Good Fine Okay are good friends that they’ve helped mentor,  and HAERTS are also part of the female-led electro-pop circuit that they frequent and dig. Though, “Robin & Royksopp is the [summer] tour I’m most excited about.” Solid recommendations.

Zeiler stopped to reflect. “If I look back at [the] last year, we’re at a special point. It’s the calm before it gets really insane. It’s a really exciting place to be.” What’s next? This time, he didn’t hesitate to speak. “Taking it one day at a time, trying to improve each day.”

Catch Little Daylight on the Three of Clubs tour now. Tour dates and tickets online at

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