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Gibson: Inside the Inner Circle

At Gibson, you’ll find a company with a rich appreciation for their storied past, but an eye fixed firmly on the future. The surface connection with inimitable guitar legend Les Paul and his eponymous and well-know Gibson Les Paul guitar may be what immediately comes to mind, but pull back the curtain, talk to some friendly faces, and you’ll see ... Read More »

Phil Clendeninn: Smooth Operator

Phil Clendeninn is one of those people so filled with wisdom all you have to do is listen. In my brief talk with Clendeninn, Senior Technical Sales Specialist for Yamaha, he sums up what it means to be a working artist and creative human being. His advice may seem simple but it’s hard won. Clendeninn has made a life for ... Read More »

Zack Fagan, Studio Designer: Wired for Rock

When I was in high school, just about everyone I knew wanted to be a rock star. There were a lot of bad haircuts, tight bellbottoms and showing of bare chests through itchy rayon shirts (mainly guys trying to emulate Robert Plant or Kiki Dee). Dudes, and some ladies, would sit on their beds and play the opening strains of ... Read More »

Paul Pesco – Musician Extraordinaire

As a music lover who appreciates music geeks, Paul Pesco is a blast to interview, if you can keep up. Pesco may have a sleek exterior replete with long black shiny ponytail but make no mistake; there is a geek in there. While I prepare the recorder, I’m listening to Pesco talk in that special musician’s code.  He’s talking about ... Read More »

Jeff Ravitz – Lighting Designer

Jeff Ravitz grew up in New Jersey in the 60s and like many kids born at an exciting time in rock history decided that he needed to put his big rock hair and tight white pants to good use. He joined a band and was living the dream. But a funny thing happened on the way to rock stardom. While ... Read More »

Alison Hewson – The Woman Who Made Bono

To say that Alison Hewson is with the band is a bit of an understatement. If she did not exist, the man we know as Bono might not exist either, at least in his current form. The wife of the rock and pop legend is a lot more than the wind beneath her husband’s wings; she has forged quite a ... Read More »

Brian Joseph – Audio Engineer

Behind every great band lies an audio engineer. He’s the craftsman adding sweetness, balance, definition and more to make your favorite bands sound even better. Ironically, the sound guy is the silent member of the group, working in the background. You don’t even know he’s there…if he’s doing his job right. Brian Joseph is one of those who get it ... Read More »

Josh “Bagel” Klassman – Entertainment Production & Stage Manager

Meet Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Co-Founder of Complete Entertainment Production Services (CEPS), LLC.  And complete it is!  There is no mistaking that this company is a one-stop shop for all production labor and entertainment needs. Their areas of expertise are wide-ranging, as one would expect from a company that has local labor, stage managers, set carpentry, photography, sound engineering, and riggers ... Read More »

Helen Hiatt – Concert Costume Designer

When you think of iconic stage wear, you don’t immediately think of the guy who sings “Margaritaville” or “Why Don’t We Get Drunk.” But if you look at Jimmy Buffett’s career, he wasn’t always wearing shorts and flip-flops. His costume designer has taken Buffett from King Tut to Carmen Miranda with a wave of her needle. Meet Helen Hiatt. Hiatt ... Read More »

Stee – 2Right Productions Tour Manager

Before I interviewed Brighton, UK-based tour manager Stee from 2Right Productions, I thought the vivacious Scouser fell into tour managing because of his enthusiasm for adventure.  His high-energy spirit seemed a perfect fit for the pandemonium, parties and passions of road life.  But on the contrary, it’s actually being able to sort out that chaos that inspires him.  Stee makes ... Read More »

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