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The Ox & the Loon: Entwistle & Moon Tribute


Night three of the 2015 California Music Fest brought with it another tribute. After a raging kickoff night of Zeppelin at the Bonzo Bash, followed up by night #2 of heavy metal shredding at Randy Rhoads Remembered (which Rock World unfortunately had to miss), the conclusion of the festival had a tall order to meet. As an even bigger fan of ... Read More »

Bonzo Bash: (Thirty!) Drummers Drumming


Photos by Diana Gualda The Bonzo Bash, brainchild of rock drummer Brian Tichy and a tribute to the late great Jon Bonham of Led Zeppelin (a band who needs no introduction here), is something to behold. As the first night of The 2015 NAMM Show was coming to a close, the first night of the now 3-day California Music Fest ... Read More »

The Wonderful Wizard of Woz


The road that led me to the great and powerful Woz was neither made of golden bricks nor pointed out to me by munchkins. I just kind of stumbled down the path to Saturday morning’s NAMM U (for University) Breakfast discussion regarding music and technology, after a night of two hours of sleep and too many after parties. My itinerary ... Read More »

George Clinton Teaches Us a Thing or Two About Staying Funky


What’s most intriguing about a man who’s helped define music for 60 years? His unique insights into the evolution of technology reveal the effects of such a phenomenon on the very industry. Breaking on to the scene in 1955 with his formation of The Parliament, inspired by doo-wop group Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, Mr. George Clinton would rise to fame. His Parliament/Funkadelic ... Read More »

The Secret to Effortless Travel with Your Guitar


It’s six a.m. on a Thursday morning. Your plane leaves in a couple hours.  You’re on your way to see friends from the past for a weekend. You check your luggage to make sure you have the essentials, especially the t-shirt that said friends told you to get rid of years ago. As you head out the door she catches ... Read More »

Ready, Set, NAMM


NAMM 2015, day one, began funky. I’m not talking about a mood or a mindset ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about starting off the day sitting on a tour bus with the Godfather of funk, one Mr. George Clinton. From this encounter the NAMM experience commenced. The black leather, denim, dyed hair, piercings, Doc Martens, chain wallets, mohawks, tattoos, excessive ... Read More »

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