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Say What? Battlefield-Inspired, Automatically-Adjusting Earplugs

Photo by Harmony Gerber

Last year Rock World Magazine spoke with the House Research Institute and learned some startling facts about protecting your earballs, like having about one minute rocking out at a concert without earplugs before suffering permanent (and cumulative) damage. This year at the 2013 NAMM Convention we discovered Etymotic, a leader of hearing protection in the music industry.  For them, enhancing ... Read More »

Girly Guitars: It’s All About the Glitter

Photo by Harmony Gerber

When I turned the corner I knew I wanted to fulfill my dream to learn how to play the guitar. Everything about the Daisy Rock Girl Guitars booth at NAMM called to the depth of my soul – the styling, the colors, the feel. They all screamed PLAY ME! That is what Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is all about. It ... Read More »

Wheels & Tail Lights: The Steeds of the Road


Before there was the tour bus, artists travelled by the good old trusted automobile. Way before that was probably horse and buggy, donkey, train, hitching, whatever. Hank Williams, Sr. actually passed away in the back of a sedan on the first day of 1953. He had asked a college student to drive him from Nashville to the Municipal Auditorium in ... Read More »

New Stage Thrills NAMM Attendees with Living Legends

Photo by Harmony Gerber

What makes a legend is the stand of time. Those songs that endure are precious—they take us back to a place and time, like a first kiss, or buzzing around town in a hopped up car with a can of Coors or Pabst beer popped open and a cassette or eight-track tape blowing jams from Bad Company, Blue Oyster or ... Read More »

The Mordor of NAMM

rainbow man

Section E in the far corner crammed up against the food court is the what I have dubbed the Mordor of NAMM…or The Wall and Jon Snow doesn’t have to bother to change his outfit. Seriously. All the weird stuff can be found here. It’s in this little corner that the strange kids are winning the popularity contest. Take that ... Read More »

Schecter Steals the Show for NAMM Saturday

Photo by Diana Gualda

The annual Schecter concert / NAMM Show after party is one of the premier evening entertainment events of the NAMM Show weekend, but it wasn’t always that way. From it’s start with Alien Ant Farm at the House of Blues, to the 2,200 people that descended upon The Grove at Anaheim to see the 2013 roster of Prong and Exodus, ... Read More »

The Americana: A 3D-Printed Guitar?!


There is an innovative new tool emerging in the music industry: 3D printing. It’s the process of adding layers of material using lasers to create a shape without any cutting, bending, or combining multiple segments to create an end product. The company 3D Systems appeared at the 2013 NAMM Show to introduce a new, one-of-a-kind, 3D-printed guitar, the Americana. The ... Read More »

2013 Sabian Live Event

Photo by Diana Gualda

Entering the Park Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel for the Sabian Live show (part of the 2013 NAMM Show festivities in Anaheim, CA) was a little like getting punched in the gut. The pulsating drums permeated my head, my stomach, my feet, and I felt I needed someone or something to hold me up and shield me from the sound. ... Read More »

The 28th Annual TEC Awards Show


The 28th annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards (TEC) were once again held in the Hilton Anaheim, across from the Anaheim Convention Center and the 2013 NAMM Show. The awards were founded in 1985 to recognize “the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind the sound of recordings, live performances, films, television, video games, and other media,” according to the TEC Foundation. ... Read More »

Dave Grohl’s Love Letter to Neve


“If it weren’t for that board, I might not be sitting here talking to you.” Dave Grohl is completely serious when he tells Marc Maron this on Maron’s popular podcast WTF. Grohl’s documentary, Sound City, just debuted at Sundance and chronicles a small, seedy studio in Van Nuys, the mega acts who recorded there and the Neve mixing console that ... Read More »

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