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Wheels & Tail Lights: The Steeds of the Road


Before there was the tour bus, artists travelled by the good old trusted automobile. Way before that was probably horse and buggy, donkey, train, hitching, whatever. Hank Williams, Sr. actually passed away in the back of a sedan on the first day of 1953. He had asked a college student to drive him from Nashville to the Municipal Auditorium in ... Read More »

History of Turning It Up to 11

How precisely did concerts get to be so incredibly loud? Since its inception, rock and roll has been associated with volume. The development of rock music, especially in its early years, is partly the history of volume. From Eddie Cochran to Black Sabbath, rock and roll has always pushed the limits of loudness. Still, rock has come a long way ... Read More »

History of Music on Drugs

“Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll,” the rockers creed. We all know it. It’s a well-balanced motto that fulfills the precedent set by some of the greatest musicians in history.  As a teenage rocker coming of age, the legends I heard had the grandiosity of deranged biblical tales, and seemed as surreal as any bit of children’s folklore.  Did Ozzy ... Read More »

History of Hotel Room Trashing

Ah, the good old days of rock. You’ve got your groupies, your backstage riders (no brown M&Ms – Van Halen, a rambling 24-pager with instructions on how to present the yogurt – Metallica), and your hotel room trashing. Back in the late-60s and 70s of rock touring, it was a wonderfully lawless time. You didn’t have to be pretty or ... Read More »

History of Album Recording Locations

When I hear “L.A. Woman” by The Doors, I always see Jim Morrison with a heavy beard sitting on the john. Maybe his pants were on, who knows. I see him sitting there like a hippie Buddha with a feather in one hand and a bottle of Jack in the other, wailing away, “Never saw a woman, so alone… so ... Read More »

History of Rock Costumes

Which came first? The rock star or the leather pants? Well, probably the music. Sorry for the trick question. Imagine a world where Gene Simmons wears an itchy floral shirt onstage. It’s pretty tricky to get blood out of rayon, not to mention it’s probably flammable if exposed to pyrotechnics. Judas Priest in corduroy? Okay, some of us would pay ... Read More »

History of the Forgotten & Crazy Rock Producers

Many people have a fascination with the myth of the rock star: The erratic, sometimes psychotic, and certainty drugged out musical god whose subculture ethic makes girls swoon and mothers protest. But behind every great rock star lies a genius music producer.  He retreats to his lair of a studio and tinkers with his tools like a mad hatter until ... Read More »

History of the Rock Hand

Seeing as the infamous rock hand (or rock fist, devil horns, devil sign, metal horns, maloik, corna, or whatever you may prefer to call it) is part of our Rock World logo, it seemed only fitting to tell you a little bit about it.  It’s important to understand the symbol’s derivations to trace how it made its way into contemporary ... Read More »

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