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When Summer’s Gone ‘Knockout Mechanism’


What first strikes me about When Summer’s Gone is their attitude. Finally, a band that is together for all of the right reasons. To make music and enjoy that process. The wine, women and mansions may come but the music is the thing, man. They see the process of making music as a glorious journey and therein lies the fun ... Read More »

Make out with The Tontons


The Tontons, Houston’s indie-soul 4-piece led by the sensual Asli Omar, are currently touring the US in support of their latest LP Make Out King and Other Stories of Love. The Tontons’ new 11-track album was produced and mixed at Austin’s Church House Studios by Dave Boyle (Black Joe Lewis, Okkervill River, Robert Plant). The band, consisting of Omar on ... Read More »

The Hydrothermal Vents and Their ‘Secrets of the Deep’

The Hydrothermal Vents 5

Secrets of the Deep is a mighty record, pouring forth from the collective talents of John Tielii and Tessa Kautzman, known as The Hydrothermal Vents. The group have cultivated a deep, rich sound. Expertly imagined, conjured and produced, their new record reflect the sum total of the band’s specific and acute genius. Secrets of the Deep is filled with cinematic ... Read More »

Keith Alan Mitchell’s ‘This Clumsy World’


Keith Alan Mitchell took a machete and cut his own path with This Clumsy World and he doesn’t mind if he explores all of the tangled vines, underbrush and culverts right in from of you. He’s a musician who is simply not afraid to show any side as evidenced on the tracks “The Feud” and “The Low Way.” “All the ... Read More »

Heylel’s ‘Nebulae’ Creates a Whole New World


Heylel’s Nebulae is full of ritualistic beauty, transporting the listener to another plane where fairies, Wiccan goddesses and mysterious creatures rule the wind-swept world. Or at least it sounds like it. Heylel can do that. Create a canvas in your mind where many things are possible. Maybe it’s because they’re from Porto. Maybe it’s because their magic is best kept ... Read More »

AUG’s ‘Be Careful What You Wish For…’


AUG is not playing around. They are here to rip your face off while providing a good time you won’t soon forget. Kind of like if Molly Hatchet had real hatchets. AUG’s new record Be Careful What You Wish For… is rocktastic, playful, driving and has a bit of the codpiece of Kiss along for the ride. The album soars ... Read More »

The Lost Poets Are ‘Insubordia’

The Lost Poets 2

The Lost Poets’ Insubordia is pure twisted awesome all the way from Stockholm. Sounding a bit like if Chris Cornell if he wore a full stocking mask and a top hat, The Lost Poets new record keeps you locked in their weird and wonderful world from the first track “Ode to K” to the last “Inside the Cage.” This merry ... Read More »

Lovesick Saints, the Times They Are a Thrashing

Lovesick Saints-feature

Punks love their country, too! Lovesick Saints started out as a punk/country band, Lss, but their new sound featured on their latest record Dia De Los Muertos doesn’t leave that strain behind. In fact, the Arizona band’s refreshing approach to the hearts and minds of America culminates in “War Story.” The track addresses where we’ve been and where we’re headed. But ... Read More »

You Want to Listen to Sulu Babylon’s ‘Colour’

Sulu Babylon

Sulu Babylon’s Colour is my favorite thing right now. This British indie alternative rock trio’s sound is lean, cool, cinematic and British. It’s a mean, beautiful record that gets stuck in your brain and lingers. Sulu Babylon hails from East Yorkshire and lead singer Phil Killingsworth on vocals and guitar, Ryan Johnson on drums and Corey Jones on bass are not going ... Read More »

The Age of the Universe’s Time Has Come


by Lisa Waugh The Age of the Universe is a hard-driving, hard working D.C. band and it shows on their debut record, Singularity. Borrowing from the past and present, the band are definitely on a fast track to the top of your mix. I rarely use the word pulsating, mainly because it makes me giggle but in this case, it ... Read More »

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