Everyone Wants to Hear no:carrier’s ‘Confession’

Everyone Wants to Hear no:carrier’s ‘Confession’

I am completely seduced by no:carrier. Imagine intense synthpop that has the gall to conjure 80s cinematic vibes like all German get out.

“Hero to a Fool” is one of my favorites on but every track on no:carrier’s latest EP Confession is pure delight. Trust me. You’ll have such a good time with this genius duo, you’ll wear out your Beats by Dre headphones or at the very least sweat through your favorite pajamas or skinny jeans.

“Confession Inspired by F.P. Mix” has got to be one of the best tracks I’ve heard since the beginning of the year. Producer Chris Wirsig is at the controls and in excellent form. Cynthia Wechselberger is a master at the mic, her vocals riding on the electropop waves like a pro surfer.

Currently based out of San Francisco and Ingolstadt, Germany, no:carrier isn’t afraid to be the noir, avant-garde aficionados that they are. Confession is like an art house record but listenable. Highly infectious. You’ll want to go to there.

If you truly want to take in this amazing band, check out their music video for “Last Scene” (not from the current EP):

Yep, so German. So delightfully German.

Cynthia Wechselberger – vocals
Chris Wirsig – keyboards, vocals

Production: Chris Wirsig

Confession Tracklisting:

1 Confession – Single Mix
2 Hero To A Fool
3 Confession – 1st In 14 Mix
4 And Sometimes – RMX 2011B
5 Confession – Inspired By F.P. Mix
6 A Bright Room

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