De Beauville’s ‘Volume 1’ Only the Beginning

De Beauville’s ‘Volume 1’ Only the Beginning

Gustavo De Beauville is one of the reasons that music has gotten so much more interesting in the last decade. He’s taken all of his influences from metal to cinematic scoring and made an album of epic enjoyment. Volume 1  is packed with this young artist’s talent.

Of his music, De Beauville says, “I feel most alive when creating music. As a self-taught artist I appreciate the effort and dedication it takes to make technically sound recordings. Since I work best alone, necessity has driven me to embrace multiple instruments. It was through approaching these from my own perspective that forged my sound.”

And what a sound it is. “Release the Kraken” and “Jagannath” are driving pieces that any metal head would surely love. “Seeking Solace” feels like if Miami Vice was set in space. “Red Giants” is soaring and gorgeous. There’s not a boring track in the bunch.

Volume 1 feels nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. This the work of a young genius who promises to grow even more interesting with time.

Production: Composed, recorded, mixed, mastered by Gustavo de Beauville at De Beauville Studios

Volume 1 Tracklisting:

Release the Kraken
As I Slither
From the Light
Seeking Solace
Ancient Courage
Visions from Above
Insectoid trails
Sands of Allure
Red Giants
Losing Innocence
In a Shaman’s Dream
Oh Divine raven
Take to the Skies
In Defiance

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