Ras Xix Does Not Shy Away From Depth

Ras Xix Does Not Shy Away From Depth

There’s something about Ras Xix’s latest self-titled album. Its world-infused, atmospheric tracks are relaxing, soulful. Evoking a surfer’s paradise or high jungle terrace with a 360 view of the city, Rax Xix’s record is an excellent mood-transforming record.

“Nora 5” is a wonderful track. It got my attention the most. Well produced, well performed. Organic and fullbodied, the song gets stuck in my head for days.Ras Xix

Xix’s voice at times could be a dead ringer for Chris Cornell had a baby with Brandon Boyd especially with on “Intergalactic Love Affair.” Hey, what happens in space, stays in space.

“New Religion” is driving and bounces with Red Hot Chili Peppers sparks, showcasing Ras Xix’s thing…diversity while staying tight and engaging. “Weightless With You” also stands out.

Ras Xix’s music does not take the light road and fills the air with tunes inspired by the beaches of Colombia, the patchwork of Los Angeles and the spirit and the fire of Singapore.

Watch “Las Arenas de Cartagena”

Ras Xix – multi-instrumentalist, vocalist

Production: Ras Xix – producer
All songs written & arranged by Ras Xix
All vocals & instruments performed by Ras Xix except for *
* Drums by Eddie Alvarez
Other guest musicians listed

Ras Xix Tracklisting:

Weightless With you
Nora 5
If It’s Gone
Las Arenas de Cartagena
New Religion
Intergalactic Love Affair
Miss Simon

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