Pleroma is the new record from progessive rock band Vajra and it’s a tapestry of vibrations. Each track curls around the hips of the heavens and just gets all nice and weird. If you jump in and cherry pick, the album can feel a bit schizophrenic but listened to from top to bottom, you go on an intended journey from soul-stirring tracks, “Erode the Will,” to eerie melodies, “Akkord Pleromy.”

Annamaria Pinna of Vajra

Annamaria Pinna of Vajra

The downside is that this hypnotic record can turn on you if you’re not in a good place. So check out your mood ring before dimming the lights and firing up the lead track, “Inside the Flame.”

Pleroma is also the debut album for Vajra and was released on the Summer Solstice, 2012 (6.21.12), completely by design. The band describes Pleroma thusly:  “An exploration in paradox (east vs west, soft vs pummeling, female vs male) and includes appearances by Blake Fleming (ex-The Mars Volta) on drums, Doug Wright (The Dirty Pearls) on bass and Will Dahl (ex-Harley’s War) on guitar.”

I think if they remake Bladerunner, Vajra’s composer and founder Annamaria Pinna could do the job quite nicely. That Eastern influence blended with notes of Western prog rock goes well with the skyward reach of the record’s seeming intent. In short, it’s a great soundtrack for a mysterious evening or a day shopping for moon boots.

The band’s music video, “Inside the Flame” throws me off, though. The cover art of the album, the band site and the band pictures all point toward a higher spiritual message. The video is the 99 Cent store version of Paranormal Activity, which is kind of hard to do. And even as I poop on it, I’m still kind of haunted and drawn to it. Dang it!

Virgin America is not afraid of them, though, choosing Vajra’s single “Erode the Will” for their in-flight entertainment series. Vajra also continues to sell out across the nation at such spots at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC and The Roxy in LA.

Me, I’ll probably leave the light on and crank up “India” tonight.

Vajra Are:

Annamaria Pinna – Vocals, Midi, keyboards

Blake Fleming – Drums

Doug Wright – Bass

Will Dahl – Guitar

Turtle John – Tabla


Check Out: 

  • India
  • Inside the Flame
  • Erode the Will
  • Almost One


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