When Summer’s Gone ‘Knockout Mechanism’

When Summer’s Gone ‘Knockout Mechanism’

What first strikes me about When Summer’s Gone is their attitude. Finally, a band that is together for all of the right reasons. To make music and enjoy that process. The wine, women and mansions may come but the music is the thing, man.

They see the process of making music as a glorious journey and therein lies the fun of it. After a popular debut album, December, When Summer’s Gone continues their musical evolution with their latest record Knockout Mechanism.

Tracks such as “Threadbare” and “After All” stand out as examples of the band’s wide range of curvaceous melodies to head banging goodness. There’s a bit of crushed glass in their Incubus/Red Hot Chili Peppers/Soundgarden rum punch.

This New Castle, PA band started out as a studio project and quickly connected in that wild sense that fast friends do. The chemistry lit up the lab  and rolled out a monster sound that keeps When Summer’s Gone on the lips of music critics and fans alike.

Knockout Mechanism a good record for a road trip, backyard BBQ or brawl. Just as the swelling goes down, there’s a sweet melody to soothe.

When Summer’s Gone Members/Instruments:

Dave Graziani – Vocals/Guitar
Chris Lepri – Drums
AJK- Guitar
Rich Morrone- Bass

Knockout Mechanism Tracks:

After All
All Out War
Like Ghosts
We All Fall Down
Each Day
Pale Thoughts

Production: Dave Piatek

“All Out War”

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  1. This is a rad record. Why haven’t I heard of this?

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